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Rolex Fastnet Challenge

What is the Fastnet Race?

The Fastnet Race is a famous biennial offshore yachting race organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club of the United Kingdom. Generally considered one of the 3 most prestigious yachting races in the world and the, ‘Right of Passage’ for all sailors.

High winds, soaking spray, the speed of the hull carving through rough seas, provides the adrenaline hit for all sailors, but it is the Celtic Sea and its temperamental weather patterns that excite the most. With the Fastnet Rock a turning point (hence race name), there’s still another 200 miles to the finish of the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Held every two years, and totalling 605nm (nautical miles) it’s one of the ultimate tests of a sailor’s responsiveness, endurance, technical skills and nerve. It’s why the race is a pilgrimage for so many, and why every victory is a legend in the making.

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Prestige Film and Yachting

Why Prestige Film has entered

Not only the fact that the Rolex Fastnet yacht race is such a prestigious event (and we’ll film it), but that our managing director, Trevor Pritchard, said he needed a challenge and would do said challenge for charity…so we’ve persuaded him to sign up for the crew. Having limited sailing experience, we thought this really would be a suitable challenge – Novice to Fastnet!

The additional goal is to promote sailing for all and demonstrate the fun and excitement that yachting presents. For more information, please see our partner companies and where to start.


Prestige Film and Yachting

The Fastnet Race – Course Map

Starting at Cowes, navigating to Fastnet (off the southern Irish coast), around the lighthouse and passing the southern end of Bishop Rock on the way home, finishing back in Plymouth for the celebrations.

The fastest yachts and professional crews will look to complete the course in under 48hours, while our crew we’ll be aiming for 4 days, to cover the 605 nm (nautical miles).

Rolex Fastnet Sailing Race Course Map
Prestige Film and Yachting

Qualifying for the Fastnet

First, gaining entry into the prestigious Royal Ocean Racing Club’s flagship event, the Rolex Fastnet Race is far from simple. This year the 340-boat limit was reached in just 4 minutes and 24 seconds setting a new record, so entry in itself, is a challenge.

Following confirmation of entry from the RORC, the crew and yacht must race a minimum of 300nm (nautical miles) during the 2017 RORC race programme (see below), starting with the Cerantes Trophy Race in April.

RORC Race Calendar

From Cervantes Trophy,April to Rolex Fastnet Race, August


The ROLEX FASTNET Race starts in August with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Fastnet and on to Plymouth covering a distance of 605nm.

Cervantes Trophy Race - RACE COMPLETED

The Cervantes Tropy Race starts on Saturday, 29th April with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Le Havre covering a distance of 110-160nm.

The race went accordingly to plan, finishing in heavy conditions in Le Havre at about 2am! A new experience, a tiring experience, but an inspirational one! Find out more…

De Guigand Bowl Race - RACE COMPLETED

The De Guigand Bowl Race starts in May with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Marks and back to the Solent covering a distance of 110-160nm.

Myth of Malham Race - RACE COMPLETED

The Myth of Malham Race starts in May with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Eddystone and back to the Solent covering a distance of 256nm.

Find out more about the race.

Morgan Cup Race - RACE COMPLETED

The Morgan Cup Race starts in June with yacht crews racing from Cowes to St Peter Port covering a distance of 110-160nm.

Cowes Dinard St Malon Race - RACE COMPLETED

The Cowes Dinard St Malo Race starts on July with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Dinard/St Malo covering a distance of 151nm.


The Channel Race starts in July with yacht crews racing from Cowes to Marks and back to the Solent covering a distance of 110-160nm.

Prestige Film and Yachting

Rolex Fastnet Videos

See the videos of the world’s largest offshore yacht race, the Rolex Fastnet Race

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