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Creative, strategic and highly innovative, every member of our team has been hand-picked for their unique depth and breadth of video production skill and expertise. We strive for excellence and the pursuit of perfection in creating visually stunning and highly effective video productions to showcase our client’s businesses.

Highly conscientious and passionate about what we do, our success is simply achieved through the success of our clients.

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Video Marketing Statistics

Percentage of internet users that recall watching a video on a website they visited in the past 30 days


Percentage of all internet traffic that will be video by 2018


Percentage of consumers say that video is the best way to bring features to life


Percentage more Facebook social engagement for video over text


Percentage of visitors that stay longer on a website with video


Percentage of mobile video viewers that share video


Why Video Marketing?

Visual presentation

In essence, video marketing has the potential to do it all! This is based on the art and science of selling service by using video to better explain that service. Video for luxury hospitality can include a visual presentation of your hotel or restaurant premises, fine dining, sumptuous spa and luxurious guest experience. In addition, you can showcase key members of your team, with head chef, sommelier and general manager interviews.

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High impact marketing tool

Video is known as rich media content and it can boost customer engagement, increase the time spent on a site and help convert sales. Used cleverly and with a purpose, video can transform your website into a dynamic interactive site that will attract repeat visits.

When professionally and strategically mapped out, filmed and produced, video marketing is a high impact marketing tool that is proven to be able to add value to the bottom line of your luxury hospitality business. Investing in video marketing developed by our professional and highly experienced team, will ensure your business and video production are in safe hands.

An Emotional branding approach

Telling a story and engaging the viewer, a promotional video from Prestige Film will help elevate your brand and allow you to tap into the emotion of your customer. Video is the most powerful form of persuasive marketing available to a luxury hospitality brand and with our passion for video, there is no better place to start in connecting emotionally with your customers.

A dynamic and engaging way to bring your brand to life

People like to watch videos – they are much more entertaining than static text. Through sound, imagery, lighting and movement, they can create feeling and mood and so excite, inspire, motivate and engage a customer in one simple view.

Concise and information packed

Concise and packed with information, videos designed for the web are an exceptional presentation tool in presenting information in the valuable space on your web page. A video gives you the chance to really delve into a topic and explain it in full without padding it with fluff. You’d be amazed at how much engaging content you can share in just a few minutes of video production.

Become known as an expert in your field

Creating consistently high quality video content that your visitors want, will soon see you become recognized as the expert in your field or business industry sector. At Prestige Film, we’ll be able to use our expertise to help you with scripting and direct your video production to ensure we optimise your talents and expertise.

Achieve top rankings in the search engines and YouTube

Google recently introduced Universal Search which means videos now appear in the search results pages.

YouTube is second only to Google for the number of searches made throughout the web (yes, above Bing and Yahoo) and as such uploading your branded video to your YouTube Channel enables you to utilise this vast and mainly untapped search network.

Getting found by customers just got easier and once on your site, visitors are more likely to stay on the page viewing your video – another major SEO advantage to drive your website to the top of search rankings!

Your own Free Business YouTube Channel

Creating a Business YouTube Channel and seeing the flow of traffic to your video and how it is shared will help you to understand the effectiveness of your product, venue or service. Working in a similar way to Google (YouTube is owned by Google), YouTube provides a powerful promotional and marketing tool that will help you undertand and communicate with your customers.

Access at any time

Available 24/7, your customers can view your business and your video at all hours and with all kinds of devices including iPads, tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Be engaging all of the time, video on the move is far more effective than text and static imagery when customers are out and about.

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Why Prestige Film?…

Luxury London Restaurant Video transformed bookings – can you do without a promotional video from Prestige Film?

” An emotional branding approach is quite simply the crucial defining element that separates success from indifference in the market place today. But only a few companies understand the art of accessing, with intelligence and sensitivity, the true power behind human emotions.

Emotional branding brings a new layer of credibility and personality to a brand by connnecting powerfully with people on a personal level. Emotional branding is based on that unique trust that is established with an audience. It elevates purchases based on the need to the realm of desire. ” – Marc Gobe, Emotional Branding.

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