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What Guests are looking to see in Online Videos for Hospitality

Guests want to be inspired by a hotel, restaurant or hospitality sector video. They want to be drawn into the experience at your venue and provided with an exciting and accurate representation of what to expect from the dining areas, presentation of the food, staff, the passion behind what they are paying for and generally enticed into booking with you.

The Growing Demand by Guests for Video

Everyone wants value for money and whatever the budget, from small local restaurant to high-end Michelin Star restaurant, customers want to see as much information before they book and ultimately spend their money. Still photography works ok, but a video immerses the customer in the experience and when filmed with creativity and great direction, will showcase your business at it’s best and provide for reassurance of the high quality of service the customer will receive. That is why, statistically, visitors to a website are 69%* more likely to book when a video is present.

7 Online Video Marketing Tips for the Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitality Businesses

1. Optimise your Videos:

When creating any promotional video for hospitality services, always bear in mind that the sole purpose of your video is to promote your business or service. Your video should be engaging, an accurate representation of your business and provide for opportunity to book, find out more or provide reason to be shared socially.

2. YouTube In-Video Links:

YouTube provides the function to add annotations and links bank to your website, booking page or link of your choice – make sure you (or your digital marketing agency) optimise this free service. You’ve paid for a great video, make sure it works for you in generating new customers. Take a look at the YouTube Restaurant video below (filmed by PRESTIGE FILM) and see the annotations we have used throughout the video:

Hover over the video and click on the top right [i] icon to view the more information tag.

3. Collaborate with Hospitality Partners:

Share your video with others linked to your business sector and vice-versa. As mentioned above, having annotations on your YouTube videos will ensure that although the video is embedded on a partner website, there are links in the video to push visitors to your business. As a partner will have a related business, it is also a highly profitable partnership, as those seeing your video on a partner website are already interested in you and more likely to click through to your website.

4. Feature your Guest Video Testimonials:

A testimonial or review is priceless, as you can see from Trip Advisor, Google and simply how everyone responds to reviews, good or bad. A video review, not only provides for reassurances in the validity of the review, but also portrays the positive feeling toward your business which, as human beings, creates an emotional bond with your business. Do you seek out reviews when you are booking a restaurant, hotel or holiday – yes of course you do!

This emotional response combined with the SEO benefits of video reviews appesring high up on Google and the other search engine results ensure your positive video review will be seen. Also, simply upload it to YouTube, Trip Advisor Video and the other hospitality review sites.

5. Get the Right Digital Marketing Agency for your Hospitality Business:

Ensure the agency used to promote your video knows what they are doing. You’ve taken the time to have your business represented in the best possible light, paid for the video production and have a marketing medium that really works at driving new customers, now make sure you have an agency that can effectively get the video embedded on your website and out into the digital market place to be seen! Video is highly regarded by all of the search engines as powerful content, so for digital marketers, it is a dream medium.

6. Harness Trip Advisors Video Functionality:

Trip Advisor now allows for hospitality videos to be uploaded by businesses. With the understandably high number of visitors to Trip Advisor’s business pages, it make sense that you optimise your presence on such a powerful website promotional link.

Trip advisor video upload for hospitality marketing

Trip Advisor, as with Google, is to provide visitors to the their site with as much information on a business as possible. In addition to the written and static image content of the information you may now add video to your Trip Advisor page. It is the reviews that people look to judge your business on, so in uploading your promotional video, provides for an in-depth look into your service and makes for a powerful marketing tool. Uploading video testimonials to this, provide reassurance on the authentic nature of the reviews and the high quality of service that any customers to your business will get.

7. Track your Video Marketing Campaign:

As with all marketing tools, it is wise to track the performance of each of your videos and where they are most successful. Using Google Analytics and YouTube Statistics you can track your video marketing. In analysing this information, it will help in the development of your video marketing strategy, by illustrating where your video placement is most effective and also the type of video that works best.

Take this information and develop your video marketing strategy, it’s well worth the effort as the revenue generation and increase in customer numbers that will be seen warrants the time investment.

Video Production & Video Marketing for Hospitality

Need help with your video marketing or need video production services to produce a high-quality promotional, then please do get in touch. We would love to chat about the passion behind your business and how we could create a stunning promotional video to capture that passion and drive customers to your website.