The Key Services for Aerial & Flyover Video Production

Flyovers are the perfect visual experience for any business looking to showcase their commerical building, hotel, wedding venue, golf course or event. With the skill of our drone pilots, combined with exceptional post production a flyover video from Prestige Film will provide for an inspirational video for your business.

From a hole-by-hole aerial golf course video to an aerial hotel or wedding venue video, our specialist team of drone operators will create an aerial video presentation that will captivate your customers.

Find out more by getting in touch with our friendly team and see how we will produce your aerial video production.

We have a two person legally licensed crew consisting of a pilot and camera gimbal operator/observer. Two aircraft (for redundancy), as well as site pre-survey’s, logistics, risk assessments, full insurance and public liability.

We are bound by CAA rules so there are limits on our proximity to buildings or persons not in our control, typically 50m horizontal distance, but we can apply for an exemption from the CAA to reduce these distances if we can present a good safety case to them. This means that we can shoot incredibly detailed footage while hovering near the filming subject.

As we record all video at up to 4K resolution, your aerial video production will be produced in the latest, high quality, pixel perfect format.

Taking advantage of the latest technology, Prestige Film can offer spectacular Aerial Filming Services to obtain the kinds of shots that previously could only been dreamt of.

With our extensive video production experience, we can integrate such filming as part of a package to ensure that your film stands out from the crowd and obtains results. Whether you require production for any of the industry sectors below, we can achieve dramatic aerial footage of the highest possibel standard.

Just a few of the industry sectors we work with for aerial video production:

  • Property Development
  • Architectual Visualisation
  • Hotel & Wedding Venue Promotion
  • Golf Course Hole-by-Hole Flyovers
  • Event Promotion
  • Adventure Sports

If you offer any of the above services or any other that you feel would benefit from aerial video production, then please contact us to find out more.

Safety is of the utmost importance. Commercial UAV Aerial Filming is subject to rules laid out by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Our team are fully insured legally certified operators.

As part of our service we will carry out full risk assessments based upon the intended use and location.

Contact us to talk about how our aerial filming team can help your business.