The Key Services for Hotel & Wedding Venue Video Production

From an exciting flyover video to showcase your hotel or wedding venue and grounds, to stunning lighting and highly creative direction, promoting your venue could not have a more powerful sales tool.

Immediately engage your prospective guests emotions in a way that words and static imagery on a printed brochure or website page cannot achieve. Creating a walk-through video highlighting the hotel rooms, gymnasium, spa, conference rooms and reception area all in one promotional video will take your guests on the exciting journey they can expect when booking a stay or event at your venue. This combined with the digital marketing power in promoting this video throughout the web, makes having a promotional video for any hotel or wedding venue a must.

From a purely commercial perspective, statistics show that a person is 67% more likely to book when a website contains video.

Contact us today and find out how the creative team at Prestige Film can help produce a hotel or wedding venue pomotional video that will ‘WOW’ your guests.

You’ve created the perfect relaxing environment in the presentation of each of your hotel rooms, now showcase that by creating the mood and sensory experience right to the guests computer screens. With expert lighting and the latest in video production technology, our talented creative team at Prestige Film, will ensure the emotion is encapsulated in your hotel room promotional video.

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It is possibly the most exciting day of any couples life – sharing their wedding experience with friends and family – so it is easy to understand that the venue is second only to the wedding dress in importance of booking priorities. Presenting your wedding venue in a video production and tapping into this emotional experience with stunning moving imagery and music, ensures that not only will your venue be presented in its best light, but also set you apart from the competition.

Film and video is all about drawing you into the screen and taking you on a journey of imagination. A video production that draws and engages couples into the dream in having their wedding at your venue is a powerful emotional tool and should be seen as essential for any wedding venue.

At Prestige Film, we pride ourselves in the passion we have for video and in promoting a wedding venue, expressing this passion in crafting a truly beautiful promotional presentation. Please contact us today, so that we can share this passion with you and develop your stunning wedding video production.

You have a stunning hotel or wedding venue building and grounds and you’d like to showcase it from the air? Previously, the expense and time required to hire a helicopter and crew would have put this out of the reach for most venues, but at Prestige Film we now have the agile, stable and high-tech unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) that has brought the cost down considerably.

Commerically licenced and with incredible skill, our highly experienced videographer can shoot from unlimited angles and produce amazing flyover videos of your venue. Tap into that emotional buying process and sell the dream of having a wedding at your venue, with a full HD flyover video production from our creative team at Prestige Film.

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