Tour de Yorkshire – The Passion of Cycling

No matter how old or what your level of cycling, the passion is always there.

We love the ITV4 trailer for this year’s Tour de Yorkshire, just a little bit different and a little bit more engaging!

How would you get from Airport check-in to Plane seat fast?!

Ever been late for a flight? Jason Paul uses his incredible freerunning talents to get through security at the Munich airport and catch his flight – jaw-droppin!

Watch more freerunning on Jason Paul’s YouTube channel:

Emirates A380 and Jetmen Video

So you thought Ski Diving was a big thing, well check out the JETMEN and the world’s largest plane, Emirates’ A380.

Promoting Emirates, Dubai and Sky Diving – engaging video, we’d say so!

Audi takes their QUATTRO 4WD, an Extreme Skier and a….. mountain with no snow?!

Redbull goes crazy, when the Red Bull Air Force heads to Moab to perform eight aerial disciplines in one continuous sequence. All this and then they throw in some Sky Diving, BASE Jumping and Wing Suits – RedBull set the benchmark for Video Marketing.

‘Awakens the Spirit’: The Spirit of Surfing is in every one of us, we just have to Awaken the Spirit!’

Motivation is Temporary | Inspiration is Permanent