The Key Services for Luxury Restaurant Video Production

From an exciting overview of the atmosphere of the restaurant to the passion behind the delights being created in the kitchen, your restaurant promotional video will be a delight to behold by those viewing it.

Immediately engage your prospective diners emotions in a way that words and static imagery on a printed brochure or website page cannot achieve. Creating a diner’s exciting journey through what would be their lunchtime or evening experience all in one promotional video, combined with the digital marketing power in promoting this video throughout the web, makes for a commanding marketing strategy for any luxury restaurant.

From a purely commercial perspective, statistics show that a person is 67% more likely to book when a website contains video.

Contact us today and find out how the creative team at Prestige Film can help produce a luxury restaurant pomotional video that will ‘WOW’ your diners.

You’ve created the perfect dish with passion and expertise, now showcase that by creating the mood and sensory experience right to the diner’s computer screens. With expert lighting and the latest in video production technology, our talented creative team at Prestige Film, will ensure the attention to detail and mouth watering quality of your food is encapsulated in your restaurant promotional video.

The chefs in the kitchen have spent years honing their skills, the produce used in your dishes is freshly sourced daily and the attention to detail in bringing the culnary creations together may only be achieved at your restaurant, let your customers know this by communicating with them and communicating effectively – visually and in video!

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Private dining is an excellent experience for businesses and corporate to entertain both their clients and team. When a staff member is searching for a venue to hold these events, any luxury restaurant offering private dining rooms need to stand out and be able ot effectively attract these business to the restaurant.

Providing reassurance in what clients will be presented with during their private dining experience and act as the most persuasive marketing tool is to embed a video of that experience in your website. Engagement is key and even at this corporate level, the emotion of the person booking the experience is key. Tapping into that emotion with video considerably increases the likelihood of booking conversion and is an essential marketing tool in promoting private dinning experiences.

At Prestige Film, we pride ourselves in the passion we have for video and in promoting that luxury experience, expressing this passion in crafting a truly beautiful promotional presentation. Please contact us today, so that we can share this passion with you and develop your stunning private dining video production.