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Understanding your Business

With an understanding of Events and Venue promotion, we tailor your video production to meet your individual needs and marketing requirements.

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Exceptional Quality

A highly technical and creative video production team with the latest in video production technology for Full HD and 4K video production.

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Video Marketing Support

When professionally and strategically mapped out, filmed and produced, video marketing is a high impact marketing tool that is proven to add value to the bottom line of our clients.

Promotional Events Video Production

In changing the way events are run and looking for that new edge to launch a sales event, a promotional event video from Prestige Film, will allow the experience to be used to emotionally engage your online PR, social media and website consumers.

The Meeting Industry Association (MIA) commissioned us to produce the film and they now have high quality, lead generation and lead conversion video content for all their digital marketing channels.

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Hotel & Event Venue Video Production

Filmed at the Principal Hotel in Leeds, see how to show prospective events organisers your events spaces in action and how they work as a venue that entertains and the exciting ways in which they can be transformed.

Underpin all of your distribution marketing channels with the lead generation and conversion power of high quality, video content. Engage. Lead. Convert.

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Events Company Videos

An event company looking to showcase the excitement and experience that has taken so much effort to produce? What better way to promote that excitement and experience guests feel, than with the emotional engaging power of video!

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Special Events Video Production

As an Events Company or Venue you must consistently be looking at ways to better promote your services. Each event takes your clients on an experience they want to be special and to capture that feeling of excitement. Selling the emotion of your events and engaging the viewer, a video production is the perfect marketing medium to engage emotion and showcase your venue or event.

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